Test Time = Poetry Time

It’s early April, which means two things: National Poetry Month, and also that PSSA testing starts tomorrow.

To “commemorate” this, and to promote my book of anti-testing poetry, I’m going to be sharing one illustrated poem per day of testing. There might be some other fun content thrown in too. So get ready tomorrow!

And remember to order your copy at https://squareup.com/store/tested-out-poetry/

Testing Season Approaches

It’s almost that time again. In fall, the trees shed their leaves. In winter, the clouds shed their white fluff. And in spring, the classroom walls shed their color and character because students must have a sterile environment for testing.

You know what chases the doldrums away? A nice book.

Now available to order through Square! Tested Out: Poetry Against High-Stakes Testing and Standardized Children.

Follow that link to order your copies just in time for them to be confiscated by the proctors.


A few months ago, we raised over $2,000 to make a book of poetry against standardized testing. You hit stretch goal after stretch goal, expanding the book to 20 poems (I even threw in an extra as a bonus) and adding full-color illustrations from the amazing Anna Fox Ryan.

And now it’s almost ready.

Some of Anna's amazing artwork!

If you didn’t get a chance to order your copy, now is your chance! I’m running pre-sales to make sure everybody who wants a copy can have theirs in time for the holidays.

Please help spread the word!

You can pre-order by clicking this link. The e-book is $7.99, the print version is $20. Discounts for purchases of 3.

And just as a bonus, here are the titles of the poems in the collection:

A Dedication
Attention All Schools
What Is Tested
Thank Goodness I Spent Weeks Studying Multiple Choice Strategies in Third Grade
Multiple Choice
Beat the System
The Truth
Marvin K. Parker
Inspirational Slogans
An Observation
Olympic Testing
The Dragon Slayer
UltraTest Mark 9
Silly School
Severe Case of Test-itis
Testing Instructions
The Pledge

Can’t wait to share the finished product with everyone!!!