A few months ago, we raised over $2,000 to make a book of poetry against standardized testing. You hit stretch goal after stretch goal, expanding the book to 20 poems (I even threw in an extra as a bonus) and adding full-color illustrations from the amazing Anna Fox Ryan.

And now it’s almost ready.

Some of Anna's amazing artwork!

If you didn’t get a chance to order your copy, now is your chance! I’m running pre-sales to make sure everybody who wants a copy can have theirs in time for the holidays.

Please help spread the word!

You can pre-order by clicking this link. The e-book is $7.99, the print version is $20. Discounts for purchases of 3.

And just as a bonus, here are the titles of the poems in the collection:

A Dedication
Attention All Schools
What Is Tested
Thank Goodness I Spent Weeks Studying Multiple Choice Strategies in Third Grade
Multiple Choice
Beat the System
The Truth
Marvin K. Parker
Inspirational Slogans
An Observation
Olympic Testing
The Dragon Slayer
UltraTest Mark 9
Silly School
Severe Case of Test-itis
Testing Instructions
The Pledge

Can’t wait to share the finished product with everyone!!!


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