[Blog] Summer Break!

Hi friends,

(Missed my successful Kickstarter for a collection of anti-testing poetry? Check it out here!)

It’s now summer — I’m officially done with school and on my way to the mountains for a couple months. I’ve got a lot of work to do on finishing the book — and another HUGE thanks to everyone who really came through to support the project — and I want to make sure my focus is entirely on that project. So, I will not be doing regular updates this summer.

I’ll probably throw in some posts and poems, as well as a link for people who didn’t support the Kickstarter but still want to pre-order a copy. But those probably won’t follow a particular schedule. For now, have a great summer, and thanks again to everyone!


P.S. Here’s my summer vacation poem from last year: Summer Vacation

My Best Friend Is My Cell Phone

My best friend is my cell phone
My tablet is my teacher
Mom’s fine I suppose
But without those
How could I even reach her?

I’m in love with my laptop
And also my TV set
I’m saving part
Inside my heart
For things I don’t own yet

I’m waiting for a smart watch
And smart socks and smart hair
And yes, it’s true
I really do
Wish for smart underwear

I just need more technology
So I don’t go insane
It’d be boring
If the only thing
Smart about me was my brain


[Blog] Two days left!!!

We’re so close to the finish line! For those new to the project, I’m running a Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1893721908/testing-poetry-a-book-of-passive-aggressive-resist) to make a book of poetry against standardized testing. The deadline is Monday at midnight — if you want to contribute, you have two days!

So far, we have:

-Fully funded the book! It’s going to happen!
-Added artwork by Anna Fox on every page!
-Increased the book size from 16 to 20 poems!
-Done a live poetry read! (skip the first minute)
-Done a full-day request-a-thon!

We have about 48 hours left! If we can raise $468 more in that time, we’ll have full-color artwork throughout the book! Anna is an amazing artist and just put out a powerful statement of support for the project, which I hope you will check out!

If you’ve enjoyed my poetry and want to support me, or want to make a statement against standardized testing, I hope you’ll consider supporting the Kickstarter! It’s only $6 for an e-book, and the more I raise the better I’ll be able to make your ultimate product. Support it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1893721908/testing-poetry-a-book-of-passive-aggressive-resist

Sunday Request-a-Thon!

As a reward for my Kickstarter (http://kck.st/2qgOZyZ) hitting 50 backers, I’m doing an all-day “request-a-thon!” As people request poems, I’ll post their requests and the poems I write in this space as I write them. These are quick turn-around so a bit sloppier than my usual work, but it should be fun anyway!

Make your own requests!!! Comment on this post, or post your requests on social media and tag the Kickstarter for bonus points!

Support the Kickstarter to unlock more rewards! http://kck.st/2qgOZyZ


Anna (yes, that Anna) says, “Pickles on a Sunday.” Maybe because she psychically intuited I needed a break from the headier ones…

On Sundays I only eat pickles
On Mondays I just eat cayenne
It’s such a great diet
I swear if you try it
You never will diet again

Kim asked for a poem inspired by this episode of 99% Invisible which I hadn’t previously listened to (love the podcast, though), about how scientists are trying to design nuclear waste warning labels that will make sense to whatever intelligent life remains in 10,000 years. Because my friends are frivolous people who like to make things simple.

Message Found on a Vat of Nuclear Waste in 10,000 years

If you can read this in 10,000 years:
Wow! This ink’s still dark and clear?
Wait, you still speak English too?
I’m…actually a bit disappointed in you

I hoped that after all this time
There’d be cooler things to do than read my rhymes
I mean – millennia have gone by!
I wasn’t exactly an interesting guy!

But since, it seems, you still are reading
You might as well just keep proceeding
Here is my message (at long last)
I have a warning from the past!

Don’t open the cask where these words are inked!
Its contents could drive man extinct!
(Ignore if you already did)

Neshama asked me how to have a nuanced conversation about the Middle East on the internet without encountering any trolls or ridiculous accusations. Because my friends are really thoughtful people who also want to make this really damn hard for me. Luckily I know the answer to this one:

How to Have a Nuanced Conversation about the Middle East on the Internet without Encountering any Trolls or Ridiculous Accusations

Write your thoughts
Reread them twice
Move your cursor over
The post button thrice

Check the spelling
Of “Palestine”
Light three candles
Drink red wine

Drape your laptop
In silk cloth
A virgin sloth

Burn your house down
Scream, scream, scream
Then walk outside
And get ice cream

Pamela (@pamelas_snapshots on Instagram) requested “Sneakers and pavement”

Tuesday was too hot
Too hot out to run
The still, boiling air
The bright, heavy sun

But still I went running
It’s really my fault
That my shoe became stuck
Sunk down in the asphalt

My soles and the road
Don’t know which melted first
But the more that I pulled
Well the mess just got worse

So I gave up. Just left it
Went home, hop by hop
(Not wanting my *foot*
To melt to the blacktop)

Now my shoe is still there
And it’s really quite neat
If someone pulls it out
They’ll be king of the street

Wyatt requested a poem about making good choices in who our friends are:

Mommmmm! Please, get off my case!
You don’t need to be in my face!
I get to choose my friends, okay?
And I want Murderbot to play!

Just because she says bad words
Likes to throw sharp things at birds
Said she hated me last weekend
…I don’t care! She’s my best friend!

You’d rather I hang out with Bri?
She has that weird splotch on her knee!
Destiny’s boring, Dara’s sad
The principal is David’s dad!

No way! My best friend’s Murderbot
So she’s pure evil…well, who’s not?
And yes, her last best friend was crushed
But she gave me a bracelet that says “trust”!

Jonathan requests a poem about “ghosting”

Gulliver Hardy
Hosted a party
It didn’t go very well

The guests were obscene
No surface left clean
It was a living hell

He tried to suggest
They clean up their mess
But no one understood

Ash to ash, dust to dust
He decided he must
Abandon his house for good

Brought nothing along
No goodbyes or so longs
He vanished like a ghost

To this day he now roams
Yet today, in his home
Folks still party without their host

Keri requests a poem about kids whining while their parents get them through their daily routines:

Mom thinks her logic is pristine:
Wake up and shower so I’m clean
Pack up for school so I’m not late
Be focused so I’ll get good grades
Homework at 4 so it gets done
Do chores so I’ll have time for fun
Brush teeth so my teeth won’t decay
Get sleep so I’m ready for the next day

Mom thinks her logic is so clear
But she forgot one thing, I fear:
I don’t wanna!
Not again!
I wanna play games with my friends!
Come on, Mom! Can’t I start at 8?
I’m sure that work/teeth/chores can wait!

Mom won. I worked first, fun stuff later
But tomorrow’s another chance to debate her…

Shira requests a poem about the countdown until the end of the school year:

Twelve days. That’s it. Twelve more school days.
Now, subtract lunches, preps, school plays,
Assemblies, field days, time to tidy,
Nothing getting done on Fridays
Bill Nye episodes, graduation.
Let’s see what’s left for education!
My calculator says: Negative two days
For instruction…Yup, sounds okay!

Hannah requests a poem about a “Cool Plant Mom.” Here you go, Hannah:

The Moms on the block
Are all so cool
The way they all
Roll up to school
I’m just as cool
But they don’t see
They don’t invite me
Out to tea
They don’t sit with me
At Little League games
They treat me like
I’m not the same
I wish they would
Give me a chance
So what if I’m just
A Mom to potted plants?

Anne () requests a poem about before and after testing! Testing poems are up my alley, though usually I give them a lot more editing time before sharing 😉


Finish your breakfasts!
Throw your trash out!
No time for the bathroom!
Please don’t make me shout!
The test crate is coming!
Your proctor is near!
Why’s everyone still talking?
Am I not being clear???


Are there any more questions?
Then you may begin.

(Silently hands out mints)

I can’t answer that question

You can talk after the session

You may quietly read
Your friends are still testing
Silence is decreed


Did you miss me?
How’d you do?
You made it!
And I’m back now! Phew!
Three hours of testing!
Bet you’re tired!
Oh well! Just
Get yourself inspired!
And get your books!
There’s hours left, so…
Hey, where did
Everybody go?