Testing, Day 4 (“Marvin K. Parker”)

And that’s it for…ELA testing. Now we have spring break and parent-teacher conferences…but I’ll be back at it in a couple weeks for math AND science testing. Definitely expect more poems then.

Marvin K. Parker

Before we begin today taking the test
I’ll tell you the story of Marvin K. Parker
He wanted to be sure that he was the best
So he filled in his answers

then bubbled them


He bubbled until his page started to tear
He bubbled, and bubbled, and bubbled some more
Bubbling straight through to the table. He didn’t stop there
He went through the table and into the floor

And he would have kept bubbling to the earth’s core
If he hadn’t been melted by magma before
So my lesson for you, while you’re taking this test:
Yes, please bubble it dark. But then give it a rest.

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