This compass you sold me
Is utterly worthless
I mean, it looks great
But it’s completely northless!
And so I don’t know
Where it’s trying to direct me
It spins and points nowhere
It’s totally vexed me!
I’d like a full refund
And also, I think
I will give back this pen
I’d prefer one with ink.

Regular updates resume Saturday!

It’s been a busy couple of months — Anna and I have gotten lots of work done, we visited the SCBWI winter conference in New York, and we’ve both had lots of new ideas for work going forward.

Thanks for you’re patience, and I’m excited to get this blog running again! As always, please send me any requests for how poetry could help your classroom or life.


Onion Tears

I cry at the end of a movie
I cry at the start of a song
I cry when I see something happy
Or anytime something goes wrong
I know that I’m only an onion
But it helps me feel I belong
I just see so many folks crying
It seems like I should cry along