Request for Readers: What Messages Do Kids Need to Hear? (there’s new poetry too)

Hello all,

I’m going to be honest, I’m not feeling so in the mood for silly poetry at the moment. I’ll have more up soon. In the meantime, though, I want to ask for reader thoughts: what messages do you think children need to be hearing, both in this present moment and in general? I’d love to build some poems around those. Feel free to respond in the comments or to me personally.

Here are a couple poems I just wrote. Maybe not my best work and somewhat hastily written, but I wanted to write something.

It’s Okay to Be Angry

It’s okay to be angry, child
Don’t let them say it’s not
Some things out there just aren’t right
I’m sad to say, there’s lots

Unfairness, meanness, hatred, war
Injustice, hunger, greed
To feel some anger isn’t wrong
In fact, it’s what we need

But when your heart is angry, child
I ask just one thing more
Don’t dwell on who you’re angry with
But what you’re angry for

And if somehow, you find the room
For love in your heart too
Be angry for the cause of love
There’s so much you can do

Dear Kids

Dear kids
Let me be honest with you
You must be sick of being told
That you
(The children) are the future
And we, the adults? We’re just old

It’s sad
Because you’re here right now
I’m sure that your ideas are great
But still
We keep messing things up
While saying that you need to wait

We say
That you will make things better
I believe that will be true
But I
Think we’d do better now
If we were listening more to you


And, here’s a poem I published in the spring that’s even more true now. And yes, the original title of this was…

Election 2016, Among Other Things

When I was a child, I just hadn’t a clue

What the reasons were for all the things grown-ups do

But now that I’m older, with ex-per-i-ence…

I find some adult things make even less sense

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