It’s fall and everything is “pumpkin”
Pumpkin-scented, pumpkin-spiced
It’s fine, but let me tell you something:
Other scents are just as nice

Sure, I’m okay with pumpkin season

(Though I’m not in charge, it’s true)
But there’s simply no good reason
To not have other seasons too

So let’s make everything peach in summer

Gingerbread in January
Choose a month for just cucumber
Save a few weeks for cranberry

I don’t know when grapefruit grow

But let’s give them at least a day
Let’s save a week for cookie dough
And give rhubarb the month of May

We’ll all eat mint when it is warm

And cinnamon when it is freezing
Or…forget all this. My new brainstorm:
Let’s call the whole year “chocolate season”

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