[Blog] Exciting news and requests for YOU

I started this blog to motivate me to write more. Well it worked: I couldn’t be more excited to keep growing this project…and I want to turn it into a book.

There’s a lot that will have to come together to make that a reality, but I wanted to share with you two awesome pieces of news.

The first is that I’m almost done: I set myself a target of 150 poems, and I’m getting pretty darn close. There’s LOTS I haven’t published online yet. Which is probably a good idea if I want to find a publisher. In the interest of keeping much of my material in reserve, I’m going to switch to a Saturday-only blog schedule, starting now.

The other — and much more exciting — piece of news: I’m not doing this project alone. The incredibly talented and acclaimed artist Anna Fox Ryan has started working on illustrating the collection, which we’re currently calling The Odd Shoe (named for one of my personal favorites from the collection). I can’t believe how amazing her illustrations so far are, and I know you’ll love them too. We may share some at some point, but for now, you’ll have to settle for the new website header logo, which Anna created.

In the meantime — if you’d like to help with this project, there are a few ways you can help:

  1. Send me ideas and requests for poetry! This is especially true for teachers — I want to create poetry that can be useful in the classroom (and if this gets published, I’m hoping to make a teachers’ edition as well), and the easiest way for me to do that is if I’m creating poems I know will fit teachers’ needs!
  2. Teachers: use these poems in your classroom! Then, let me know how it goes! I’d love feedback if you have any; I’d also love to eventually get testimonials, but for now, it’d just be useful for me to know who’s using it.
  3. Umm…Anybody know anything about getting published? Any advice or networking will help!

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