Passive Aggressive Poetry Your Roommates and Family Will Love!

This is not a leaky sink
Don’t let it drip all night!
Just, after you have used it, please
Make sure that it is tight.
You don’t need superhuman strength
It will not be a chore!
Just, if you see it dripping, please
Please tighten it some more.

I bought two sandwiches yesterday
But somehow now there’s one
And once I finish my lunch today
I guess I will have none
My work is getting out late tonight
It won’t be any fun
To have to cook an entire meal
When I already paid for one

My daughter is the president
My daughter is a queen
My daughter is a CEO
My daughter lives her dream
She must be doing something huge
And having quite a ball
Or else, I just can’t think why she
Would have no time to call

Hold the stupid handle down
It’s really not that hard to do
Just hold the stupid handle down
Don’t leave the toilet full of poo
Please hold the stupid handle down
There really is no need to rush
So hold the stupid handle down
Until you’re sure it’s fully flushed

Please knock
On the door
That’s what
Knocking’s for
Your mom
Must have taught it
How come
You forgot it?
Please knock
Or I’ll write
Another rhyme

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