Request #2: Anti-bullying Poetry

Sandi (a 5th grade teaching in Philadelphia) writes:

I would love to see some on bullying and alternatives to lectures about it.

Here are 3 attempts to meet this request. There’s some other really important angles I want to tackle but haven’t figured out a good poem for, so I might try to write more another day (let me know if anybody has specific messages in particular).


Jacob’s the biggest bully in school
I’m sick of him
But I won’t give in
I won’t let him make me look like a fool

In math class, Jacob laughed at me
No one else heard
But I was quite sure
So I yelled back and called him ugly

He tried to take my ball in gym
The ball was mine
But I didn’t whine
I simply threw it — hard — at him

He tried to sit near me at lunch
He always picks fights
So that wouldn’t be right
I said, “If you sit there, you’ll get punched”

Jacob’s the biggest bully by far
I don’t understand
Why he’s so bad
I guess that’s how some people are



Wearing blue?
What’s wrong with you?
That’s such a loser thing to do.

What in the world?
Your hair’s in curls?
It really makes me want to hurl.

What are those?
Holes in your nose?
Good thing mine is nice and closed.

You breathe air?
I don’t, so there.
Why would–



Juan kicked Mark and Mark hit Juan
Until their friends all busted in
“What the heck is going on?”
They asked. Well…where to begin?

“You want to fight?” is what Mark cried
Juan couldn’t just let him go on
So Juan said “Yeah? Let’s see you try!”
Then Juan kicked Mark and Mark hit Juan

“You hit my friend!” Juan yelled at Mark
“I didn’t do it!” Mark replied
“So I’m a liar now?” Juan barked
“You want to fight?” is what Mark cried

Mark hit Juan’s friend and knocked her down
Juan saw it from across the park
He ran across the playing ground
“You hit my friend!” Juan yelled at Mark

“Out of my way!” yelled the tall kid
Mark thought he was playing around
But he shoved Mark and then Mark slid
Mark hit Juan’s friend and knocked her down

Juan reached the park, and he was shocked
His brother, crying, ran and hid
Juan couldn’t help — and felt guilty
“Out of my way,” yelled the tall kid

The tall kid said, “You’re in my way
Best move it or you might get socked”
Juan’s brother cried and ran away
Juan reached the park, and he was shocked

So now, perhaps, we’ve reached the end
That’s why they fought over Juan’s friend
The tall kid caused it all along
Except…maybe that’s also wrong

Because earlier…

One thought on “Request #2: Anti-bullying Poetry

  1. OMG ! Jesse, I love them! Really and truly! Especially “Earlier”! You really nailed that one! Am I allowed to print them out and use them in my class? Thank you for doing this. I can’t begin to tell you what they mean to me! (Too many exclamation marks but I could’ help it.). There’s no way to show jumping up and down properly in a text! More please!


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