Come One, Come All!

Tell everybody that you know:
My friends are putting on a show!
Come on and step right up to me
I’ll tell you what you’ll get to see!
First, Mark will bang upon his drum
So loud, he’ll make your feet go numb
And Tanya has a joke that’s fun
Some people might laugh when it’s done
Jane’s magic! She can guess your card
As long as it’s the two of hearts
And later, Juan will sing a song
Which, hopefully, won’t last too long
Big Jeremiah knew a dance
He may recall – give him a chance!
Then Sue will do flips and headstands
Assuming that the first one lands
Joe’s act will take your breath away
Though what it is, he wouldn’t say
Donovan will blink a lot
He thinks it’s impressive, but it’s not
Zoe taught tricks to her mouse
It’s hiding somewhere in her house
Dirk eats mud like it was pudding
But frankly, I wish that he wouldn’t
Then when it’s over, buy a treat!
Whichever ones Michael didn’t eat
So who’d like a ticket? Come and get it!
It’s possible you won’t regret it!

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