The Tragedy of Gargazoo

Gargazoo from Planet Zonn
Wouldn’t turn his Vurm Shield on
His friends cried, “Gargy, for Blik’s sake
Without it, all your fleem may break!”
But Gargazoo heard not a word
He thought, “These bodos are absurd!
They’ve never seen a Vurm before —
Vurms┬áprobably don’t come anymore.”
No matter how his parents pleaded
He’d tell them, “Foosh! It isn’t needed!”
And so he said…until the day
A Quadron of Vurms brundled his way
Each home they passed was near-invected —
Only their shields kept them protected
But Gargy saw them much too late
By then, his fleem had gone aflate
And when his neighbors saw next morning
They cried, “Why didn’t he heed our warning?”

My friends, this story’s sad but true
Don’t be a fool like Gargazoo!
And if you’re ever on Planet Zonn,
NEVER forget to put your Vurm Shield on

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