Summer Vacation

On the first day of summer
I did NOT go to school
Nobody tried to teach me, or
Complain about the rules


Slept in late
Wore a hat
Helped Mom fry up the eggs
Sang loudly
Caught a centipede
And tried to count its legs

Learned some dance moves
Bought some shades
(To look cool in the sun)
Saw a snake
Then ran away
As fast as I could run

Met a family holding signs
Against a foreign war
Then saw my brother’s baseball game
And helped them keep the score

Read a book
Made up a game
(I won it every time!)
Tried to write a song
Although I couldn’t make it rhyme

I’m so glad school is over! I can scream and shout and sing!
Life’s way more interesting when you don’t have to learn a thing!

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