There’s too much to do, so I don’t want to do it
I know I should start, if I want to get through it
If I get distracted, then I’m going to rue it
But what is the harm in just checking my phone — no!
I won’t be distracted by texting or photos
But maybe there’s time for my favorite new show — oh!
Please help me somebody, I need concentration
I’m caught in distraction and procrastination
To fix this perhaps I’ll need imagination…
I’ve got it! I just need to move to Peru
Get a job at a circus or perhaps a zoo
I’ll sell my computer and my cell phone too
And I will not learn Spanish so no one can tell me
The things I should do, and so no one can sell me
New things to distract me, and if they try, they’ll see
I’ll never procrastinate, I’m going to show ’em
I won’t be distracted again! I will — oh…um…
…I meant to be working. But I wrote a poem.

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