[Blog] Requests?

Hey readers,

It’s almost summer vacation! I’m hoping to write a lot this summer, and I’m also going to be doing a bunch of planning for next school year, and that gave me an idea. I know that many of my readers are teachers, so I wanted to ask: is there anything I could write that would be useful to your classrooms?

So for the first time, I’m taking requests! Such as:

  1. Are there any rhyme schemes, poetic meters, or types of poems that you’d like examples of (for instance, doing a unit on limericks and want some samples? Teaching rhyme scheme and want something with a particular pattern? Etc.)
  2. Are there any poetic devices or techniques (metaphor, onomatopoeia, assonance, etc.) that you’d like me to incorporate?
  3. Any topics you’d really like a poem about?
  4. Feel free to include other requests (particular reading levels, vocab words to include, etc.)

I’d like to make this blog as useful to readers as possible. So if you’ve just finished a unit on sea slugs and also are introducing personification and you’re going to be doing Shakespeare soon and you just NEED to have a sonnet personifying sea slugs — I’m your guy. If you need eight cinquains about cacti that are differentiated by reading levels, let me know. If you want rhyming couplets to help your students remember the properties of triangles, just shoot me a message.

I’ll also take requests from non-teachers. Need a birthday poem? Want me to Cyrano de Bergerac the love of your life? Looking to soften the news that you won’t be coming home for Thanksgiving?

Some of these poems might end up on this blog, others may be sent to you directly (I’ll exercise my best judgment over whether normal people are really going to want to read a sonnet about sea slugs, weirdo).

Got a request? Email me at JGpoems@gmail.com, or message me on Twitter @jez3g.

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