Secret Mission

[Message set for self-destruction]
Agents, here are your instructions
Time is short, and you are needed
Listen — this won’t be repeated:

First, you slice the onions thin
Heat the pan, then toss them in
Add the pepper, thyme and sage–
Sorry, I read the wrong page
Ignore that — the whole world’s at stake!
So here are the steps you must take:

Take a left on 12th and Main
Continue onto Cedar Lane
Chuck E. Cheese is two miles along–
You know, I think that’s also wrong
But it’s almost too late, I worry
So listen close, then you must hurry:

Eight-five… no, not my credit card number…
I doubt you’ll need my brother’s plumber…
I guess it’s really not in here
Well, I’m embarrassed. But, no fear!
Just…figure it out! Get started now!
I’m sure you’ll save the world somehow!

We’re all counting on you — so, good luck!
[Message will now self-destruct]


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